Development updates and tumblr


Development on the game are going decisively forward and we can't wait to get the game out on Steam for win,mac and linux as well as iPad and the WiiU.

We are working to finish of the research system and some of the end game content. If your lucky you might find research-pod floating around in space unlocking things like better baseship stats, visual effects and some important upgrades to help you survive in space.

We create a lot of art!

If you follow us on Twitter you know that we post some art here and there. Now we created a tumblr that will be used exlusivly to post art.

Go visit the tumblr!

Oh and we also got a flickr

Steam Access for all Patrons!


We decided to not do a steam early access, we wanted to take our time and get RymdResa right, and also avoid the extra work taking care of the community and FAQ.

But we have made RymdResa available on Steam for everyone supporting us creating games! So head over to our Patreon if you want to support the development of RymdResa. Or if you just want to try it out on steam right now!

Morgondag on Patreon

New, Updated Site!


We have now updated the website! Some new categories have been added: news-feed, information about the pilot level, press-coverage and information about the chapters.

Player Messagepod:

Embla Colonizer 5 years in space:
Hello there world! Hello there world! Hello there world! Hello there world!


Pilot Level

Level 5

+0.00% extra spacepoints from quest

+0.00% extra resources from quest

+0.00% to exploration success rate

-0.00% spacepoints lose rate from quest

-0.00% resource lose rate from quest

+0.00% item finding

+0.00% higher ranked items

+0.00% change of extra item

+0.00% ship acceleration

+0.00 supply-station charges

+0.00% shield revovery rate

+0.00 items from shops

+0.00 ancient techs requirments

+0.00 resources

+0.00% consumable items effect

+0.00%max resources

-0.00% resources lost per year

+0.00% damage reduction from impact

+0.00% finding special objects

+0.00% unusual objects in space

+0.00 stars spawned

+0.00 finding ancient technology

-0.00 crafting requirments

RymdResa will be available for these platforms:
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