Space poems!


From the beginning we had a different thought with RymdResa (we're talking early, early in the progress). We just wanted to make an experience where the player was flying around and reading short poems, floating in space. But RymdResa has become much more than that, and isn't just a text-based game anymore. And we also skipped our very first feature: floating poems. Instead the diary pods were written. But we have always wanted to add some floating poems as well, and have now done so, and they're really adding to the atmosphere! As a tribute to our very first RymdResa design thoughts.

We've also implemented new diary pods, new exploration quests, treasure boxes, some rare new zones, new dangerous laserbots, a pause function and a comparison system between items in inventory.

There is also more player feedback: the inventory-button is blinking when the player has collect a new item. As do the skills-button when the player has new skills to upgrade!

Lastly we're calling out for beta-testers, we need some people who can test the game with a grammar and spelling perspective, helping us to locate those mistakes in game! Are you interested? Send a mail to vendela@morgondag.nu

Gas clouds and stuff


We have a lot of writing to do including exploring quests and diary pods for chapter 2 and 3. The diary pods tells the story about the Pilot. They're fragments that forms answers about the Pilot's' past, present and future. The diary pods for chapter 2 and 3 will be voice acted by Eric Reed. Eric Reed did the voice acting for the diary pods in chapter 1 as well.

This week we've worked on the mac version of the game. We still have some performance problems left to deal with when it comes to retina displays and some minor window issues.

We're revamping the zone system with a new and more dynamic algorithm. Previously we had a combination of haversine formula and simplex noise, creating a radial universe that stretched to infinity. Now we're building a more on-request formula with possible seeding support.

We also work on some of the details in our design-tool to control how rare or at what condition an entity in space can be, this works together with our new zone algorithm to spawn areas in space. One of the key reason why we want to have this done before the release is so we can simplify the process of adding new interesting content to the game even after the release. Space is big and there is a lot of opportunities to create and design more content. Empowered and inspired!

Some zones will be more dangerous than others, but will contain better items. With a better zone-system we want to give the player more strategy-choices and a more interesting space, containing many secrets.

We've as well worked on the three chapter's' different profiles, and how the gameplay is different in these chapters, and made a concept for a new trailer regarding this.

We've made a new notification system the previous week, giving the player better feedback when playing. The notifications now appear in the left corner of the screen, telling about new item findings, how many years spent in space and so on.

Furthermore we've implemented some new coolish graphicsas well, like gas clouds, just floating around in space, doing their thing, adding to the atmosphere. And some debris that will be dangerous for the player in chapter 3.

We've also submitted RymdResa to IGF 2015, thats a bit exciting, indeed!

And by the way, we're supporting Diversi. A very important project!

Hello from space!


The work with RymdResa has been rather slow the last couple of months. We have done some freelance work and stuff to keep the boat floating. But RymdResa, our baby, has ofc always been in our hearts and minds; we just haven't have the time to keep up our wanted workspeed with it. But now we're very happy to reveal that Vendela will work full time with RymdResa, and only RymdResa until it's released.

What we do right now: designing chapter 3, updating the steam version and planning the release, milestones and deadlines + future patches.

We've also added some new cool consumable item-types (in fact there are 18 new ones) and loads of new graphics, there is now 250 space-objects to explore!

This week we've mostly worked on project planning; scheming out a proper workflow with deadlines and milestones; hoping to release RymdResa early next year. RymdResa is part of our every-day life, and we truly love it. We're both working really hard to get it out to you as soon as possible. But we won't release until we feel ready. It's important for us that the game match our vision completely before we do.

Furthermore we have sent out our first newsletter to all those who've signed up! Do you also want the newsletters? Scroll down and sign up!

Player Messagepod:

Embla Colonizer 5 years in space:
Hello there world! Hello there world! Hello there world! Hello there world!


Pilot Level

Level 5

+0.00% extra spacepoints from quest

+0.00% extra resources from quest

+0.00% to exploration success rate

-0.00% spacepoints lose rate from quest

-0.00% resource lose rate from quest

+0.00% item finding

+0.00% higher ranked items

+0.00% change of extra item

+0.00% ship acceleration

+0.00 supply-station charges

+0.00% shield revovery rate

+0.00 items from shops

+0.00 ancient techs requirments

+0.00 resources

+0.00% consumable items effect

+0.00%max resources

-0.00% resources lost per year

+0.00% damage reduction from impact

+0.00% finding special objects

+0.00% unusual objects in space

+0.00 stars spawned

+0.00 finding ancient technology

-0.00 crafting requirments

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