Death and Legacy


We’ve polished the death screen and added support for score, rank and legacy bonus. The score is calculated based on your actions in space. This score is then converted to experience points. The experience points goes into your overall player rank and towards legacy bonus.

When you reach a legacy bonus level you gain a random buff, you can either choose to activate the buff when you play the next time, or save it for later. If you choose to save the legacy bonus you can continue to increase your rank to gain a higher bonus.

Moreover we’ve made a new cooler Refuel Station.

Welcome Mersenne Twister!


World generation and procedural patterns in RymdResa's universe is obviously an important part of the game. We're switching to a more stable randomization formula for the core part of the game. Welcome Mersenne Twister!

There is a lot of math in space and we have a great foundation with a combination of different techniques that boils down to:

We use Fisher–Yates Shuffle to shuffle quests, items properties, spawn rates, loot tables and it also takes care of populating in zones.

Mersenne Twister is the core randomization formula used everywhere in RymdResa to create variation in space.

We use Simplex Noise to calculate and distribute our zones in space. The zones take care of selecting what properties a part of space can have and spawn. This is combined with 2d Haversine Formula that we use to track positions in space and to calculate zone sizes and positions.

We also have a lot of Gradient Generators, mostly used to generate colors and backgrounds. And of course we have a lot of logarithms for things like items finding, bonus calculations and pilot statistical points. Tweaking all this math is an ongoing process, making the game feel more alive, random and deadly.

On the UI-front we have built a new ship selection screen. We have also made the ships more different from each other and more specialised. For example we have Gylfi Command - a tank ship that can take a lot of damage and contain a lot of resources, but have a slower speed. We have Lokasenna, a really fast ship, but with bad acceleration. We'll tweak these ships a bit more, but they're soon finished.

Zones and Balancing


We have been working with the zones and balancing. We've, for example, created more contrast between the zones. We scraped the old ones and simply built new better ones. These zones have more unique features than the previous zones had. Dangerous zone means better item-finding. The further you travel into space, the more unique zones you find. If you go up in level and focus in exploring you will also be able to discover more zones.

Player Messagepod:

Embla Colonizer 5 years in space:
Hello there world! Hello there world! Hello there world! Hello there world!


Pilot Level

Level 5

+0.00% extra spacepoints from quest

+0.00% extra resources from quest

+0.00% to exploration success rate

-0.00% spacepoints lose rate from quest

-0.00% resource lose rate from quest

+0.00% item finding

+0.00% higher ranked items

+0.00% change of extra item

+0.00% ship acceleration

+0.00 supply-station charges

+0.00% shield revovery rate

+0.00 items from shops

+0.00 ancient techs requirments

+0.00 resources

+0.00% consumable items effect

+0.00%max resources

-0.00% resources lost per year

+0.00% damage reduction from impact

+0.00% finding special objects

+0.00% unusual objects in space

+0.00 stars spawned

+0.00 finding ancient technology

-0.00 crafting requirments

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